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"Fire Protocol is the first infrastructure to Huobi (Smart) Eco Chain (HECO) > we are the first batch member of developers invited to test HECO (an Ethereum compatible Public Chain for Blockchain Developers). **Key products are:** ⁃ cross chain wrapping solutions to bring non-Huobi Chain assets via our cross-chain solution into the Huobi Ecosystem from various chains; eg Ethereum, and XRP, Tron, Polkadot (in future) ⁃ DEX/Swap: fast and secure trading services; ⁃ Money Market which combines liquidity provision, lending and borrowing into one platform; > Liquidity providers’ LP for our DEX can also use that liquidity assets as collaterals on borrowing/ lending protocol. This is unlocking the unused LP tokens and improving capital efficiency. Fire Protocol is like the combination of Uniswap plus Compound with better performance thanks to HECO - low gas fee, high speed and security."